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Throat caught in the excitement of being present, watching, sharing.Then the climax: his friend unable to stave off his need any more.He was told in no uncertain terms to get on all fours.Fingers lubed up his arse entrance – and I, fascinated, watched someone other than me give my boyfriend such intimate attention.Audibly ragged breaths were drawn between moans and he pushed his arse back on to that invading cock. I could almost feel him bearing back down on every inch of my non-existent erect cock.

My clit and nipples screaming at me for attention too.

A range of scenes, feelings, facial expressions and noises go through my mind when I recall that night.

The night I watched a man fuck my boyfriend up the arse.

Face already blissed out, eyes closed and god knows what going through his mind other than . I watched, entranced, holding my breath as he expertly re-stiffened his cock one-handed.

His other, the butt-filthy and lubed hand, rested on my man’s buttock. Like some wank sleeve he was about to ejaculate his pent-up need into.

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