Effects of dating violence

About 70 percent of girls and 52 percent of boys who are victims of dating violence report physical injury from a violent relationship.Among adult victims of physical violence, stalking or rape by an intimate partner, 22 percent of women and 15 percent of men first experienced partner violence as young people between the ages of 11 and 17.The findings suggest the need for parents, schools and health care providers to talk to teenagers about dating violence, given its long-reaching effects on adult relationships and mental health, the researchers say. 10 in the journal Pediatrics, the paper is the first longitudinal study of a nationally representative sample to show links between teen dating violence and later multiple adverse health outcomes in young adults.

A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that 75 percent of seventh graders report having a boyfriend or girlfriend.It’s also more common than many believe – in part because it tends to be misunderstood and under-reported.Some teens, as well as some adults, hold beliefs about relationships that say “it’s okay” or “normal” for emotional and physical abuse to happen within intimate relationships.Researchers who analyzed data from a nationally representative survey of 5,681 teens ages 12 to 18 found roughly 30% of both boys and girls said they had been the victim in an aggressive heterosexual dating relationship.This adds to a body of research suggesting that teen dating violence "is a substantial public health problem," says the study, in today's Pediatrics.

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