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An important point: this is not about surveillance of lifestyle or interests or friends.

I have no access to the ‘stories’ they post online about themselves and I don’t want any.

And what does this do to the character, the soul, of the person doing the watching? I am increasingly certain that we are on the cusp of an all-seeing society, and if we parents need to get slightly ahead of the game then so be it.

Jonathan Franzen, the celebrated American author, wrote a wonderful book called The Corrections in which a child puts the kitchen under surveillance. There’s no surveillance in the house (yet) but I’m making no long-term promises.

I don’t even have a Facebook account or the ability to see theirs.

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The device can be hooked up to the internet, to the mobile phone network, and thus (in theory) to me. Surveillance is freedom: from worry, from having to stay in touch, from danger. And then, suddenly up comes an Uber notification: my driver is arriving in five minutes in a black Prius. It’s the middle of the night in London and she’s on her way home from a club – she books through my account although even if she didn’t, we could hook her account with mine so that I could monitor her. I watch the little car symbol winding through the familiar streets, ready to pounce if it deviates from a proper route.The North Koreans think they are experts in surveillance, but will have had no idea, as they gazed across the border, that they had already met their match. This is the slightly spooky installation that pinpoints the movements of people with Apple phones and gadgets, and it allows me to see where my kids are – with astonishing accuracy.But seriously, their facebook lives are not for me.This is about monitoring of safety – it’s a physical thing – and I reckon every responsible parent should consider it. Sam, my son, couldn’t care less about the surveillance. John’s blurting out of my (semi) secret spying on the Today programme was, of course, heard by Martha in the car on the way to school – and there was hell to pay.

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