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Dalrock is focusing on getting laid, while GBFM is focusing on the future of civilization.And so da GBFM is persecuted, for Jesus also focused not on getting laid, but on the higher ideals of His Father and the future of civilization.As I was waiting for a regular, company cab, a Cobalcescu or Confort or Cristaxi or any other reliable company, I’ve noticed a few foreigners, all men, probably 5 people, three middle aged and a couple of them younger.They were obviously very cautious in picking up a cab, looking around carefully; it was evident that someone told them in advance about the possibilities of being ripped off in Romania.I have seen and read many, many articles, essays and opinions about ‘what is Romania’s brand? Tariceanu, the prime minister and Basescu, the President, hand in hand in orange in Piata Universitatii. What is really annoying is the whole situation: we have yet again an un-working alliance between PD and PNL, the so -called ‘DA’ Alliance who won in 2004.

As I have mentioned the Medical School earlier, I should say something about hospitals also: you the waiting room of a hospital in Romania you wait, because that’s why is called the waiting room.

– are the good and funny parts, what defines us, Romanians. So i know them well enough to know who I am dealing with: a group of wannabees, many of them, not all of them, craving power and money for their un-existing virtues, other than being aggressive and intolerant, willing to get there to any price, doing any sort of compromises.

Thinking over this, especially recently, when our ‘brand’ appears to be corruption, shady politics, unwillingness to keep our promises, bad reputation abroad, I was thinking what -really! Worse for me, I used to work in that building for them, as a civil servant in the International Relations Department and later in the policy section.

the Gospel of John ), we reprint it as a public service here: Tucker Max (whose name rhymes with Goldman Sax) sodomizes women and tapes it secretly.

Then, the “conservative” Weekly Standard repeats his lies about his succeth and his height, labeling him as a six-foot-tall butthexual hero, while ignoring the true heroes jumping on grenades in foreign wars on foreign shores.

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    The revelation that Domino may have been set up by another extended family member ripped Paulene's world apart further.

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    Noong 1519, nagsimulang maglakbay si Ferdinand Magellan (Fernando Magallanes) mula sa Espanya upang isagawa ang unang paglalayag sa paligid ng mundo.