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On June 15, 1982, Judge Thomas Mercer, the judge for the second trial, rules that the article "does, in fact, advocate pedophilia," but says, "It is perfectly legal to advocate what in itself would be unacceptable to most Canadians." Canada gets a new Immigration Act.Under the act, homosexuals are removed from the list of inadmissible classes.The bill, which would have inserted "sexual orientation" into the Canadian Human Rights Act, doesn't pass.MP Svend Robinson introduces similar bills in 1983, 1985 1986, 1989, and 1991.The Pink Triangle Press (now publisher of Xtra magazine) is charged with "possession of obscene material for the purpose of distribution" and "the use of mails for the purpose of transmitting anything that is obscene, indecent or scurrilous" for publishing an article titled "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" in the Dec. 15, 1983, the deadline passes for the Crown to appeal the second court acquittal.(In the first trial, The Pink Triangle Press had also won an acquittal but upon appeal the Crown won a retrial.) The case results in an important precedent.In 1967, Klippert is sent to prison indefinitely as a "dangerous sex offender," a sentence that was backed up by the Supreme Court of Canada that same year.Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau proposes amendments to the Criminal Code which, among other things, would relax the laws against homosexuality.

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As promised, Justice Minister Kim Campbell introduces Bill C-108, which would add "sexual orientation" to the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Vriend takes the government of Alberta to court and, in 1994, the court rules that sexual orientation must be added to the act.

The government wins on appeal in 1996 and the decision is overturned.

The committee recommends that the Canadian Human Rights Act be changed to make it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

In March 1986, the government responds to the report in a paper titled "Toward Equality" in which it writes "the government will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that sexual orientation is a prohibited ground of discrimination in relation to all areas of federal jurisdiction." Svend Robinson goes public about being gay, becoming the first member of Parliament to do so. riding of Burnaby-Douglas (though its borders had changed) elected Robinson for the eighth time.

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