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Eventually, it was rare to hear from him, so we gave up trying to maintain an official contact. Benjamin Hobart [10.06] Stan Kirsch................... Return to Questions If you have a question about the show that is not answered in this FAQ or in the accompanying Episode Guide: Keep in mind that since we can no longer submit questions to the production team, we may not be able to give you an answer. In fact, Warner Bros did not make tickets for the 9th or 10th season available to the general public.

Now, it can be seen in various times and places through syndicated reruns, and various streaming services like Amazon on demand. It was added to Netflix near the beginning of 2015! Return to Questions How sad, there are no more tapings! Return to Questions Find out about season-by-season video releases and other Friends video collections through this link: https:// you are in the UK or Europe and want Friends on DVD or VHS, follow this link! Well, Friends can be purchased all over the world, so I'll leave the searching up to you! The Restaurant Manager [2.14] Cleo King.....................

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