Conscious dating site

Swiping right, or shunning left on the picture of someone’s face did initially go against everything I’ve really ever believed to be right and proper.

How can the world be so judgemental, how could think that if we’re willing to make a great, big, proper effort at online dating (I’m talking about real online dating, not hook-ups) and you don’t have my crippling self-doubt issues, then the place to do it is online.

If you’ve had trouble with self-confidence (haven’t we all?

) it could be a great idea to leave off online dating and not force the issue.

Or, you could go mega, and swipe right on absolutely everybody until you wake up married. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article or in the comments below, are not those held by CALM or its Trustees unless stated, and liability cannot be accepted for such comments.

Quite often couples do something together to experience the thing itself—like go to a movie because they both really want to see it. Maybe you need a little sensuality, or relaxation, or an exciting adrenaline rush.

The fact that you’re swiping a certain way to judge whether you like a person isn’t actually as morally bogus as I once thought.

Anyone, who has ever met someone, anywhere, has used their eyes to judge whether they want to talk to said person.

You just look at them and have a think about whether it’s worth your time of day.

The fact that I’ve never had a woman approach me in a bar full stop is beside the point.

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