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Over the next few months, my e-mails and calls with Jamie grew increasingly passionate.

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Being treated as my father's intellectual and emotional equal was heady stuff, and I'm guessing it was then that I developed a taste for the whispered intimacy of a forbidden nighttime chat.

Geimer calls the questionnaire a “Cosmo quiz times 1,000; it’s really cute and cool and accurate.” Once the questionnaire is completed, users are given a personality report, which, in combination with their interests, desires and location, determines appropriate matches.

Sign-up and the personality quiz are free for the first month, and membership is per month thereafter.

The Toronto-based site launched this spring and has steadily grown to 1,000 subscribers—mostly GTA-based women—over the summer.

The site’s co-founder, Erin Geimer, was on maternity leave a couple of years ago when she began to think about the affect social isolation and dwindling social support has on health and well being.

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