Distribution points not updating dating is dead blog

Shows all content status messages for the selected item.

You'll see when it starts transferring to each distribution point and if it was successful or not.

You will see which boot image was given to the computer, why it was given (which deployment determined it), and the MAC address of the computer.

This will show up when right clicking on Distribution Points on the Administration node, and under Distribution Point Configuration Status on the Monitoring node.

If I tried to Remove/Validate/Redistribute the content, nothing would happen.

I couldn’t even treat this as a new distribution as the phantom Distribution Points would not appear as it happens when the content is already distributed.

This week I had another nice issue in Config Mgr 2012 SP1.

When I tried to distribute it, it told me that the package was already distributed, when I removed it, nothing happened as when I did it through the console.

Refer to the following video for a detailed overview: Status Message Overview The newer deployments (applications, baselines, software update groups) only give state information, not status information, so detailed information is not available.

This will show up when right clicking on deployments on the Monitoring node, the deployment tab of the object, and the deployment tab of the collection.

Also Upgrade Distribution Points was generating an error.

This because Boot images on Win PE 3.0 are not supported anymore.

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