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Evan­gelical Christians believed in the innate sin­fulness of the individ­ual.Children were not born inno­cent, but inheri­ted the sins of their parents.Then followed Kirkcudbright (Scotland) and a third son William (1889), Dinar­d in Brittany (France), a short period at St Helier (Jersey) for the birth of Frank (1893), and the New Forest (near Beaulieu) in Hampshire.Finally they sett­led in Oxford in 1896 for the education of their children, where Arnold became the last son to be born (1900).And on the other, there is TE himself who speaks of a .

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Masturbation in particular, was considered by both medical and religious authorities, to be an absolute horror, an uncleanliness, a filthiness for­bidden by God, an unmanliness despised by men.In TE’s family there is disagreement about the quality of his childhood.On the one hand we have his mother and oldest brother who claim a harmonious and happy childhood for him.First and foremost she had to conquer the threat of alcoholism in the family, since both sides had their share of it.She sharply warned her chil­dren against its evils and helped Thomas to conquer his addiction and to become a teetotaller.

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