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Using industry standard SIP-protocols, this enables you to make free Internet calls to any other compatible SIP user, or calls to the regular phone network (PSTN / Landlines / Mobiles) via a Vo IP gateway service such as Dray TEL (or any other SIP compliant service).You can make free calls to or from other compatible Vo IP users worldwide and via a PSTN gateway, such as Dray TEL you can make calls to any regular telephone line or mobile phone worldwide, at low Dray TEL rates.Selectable codecs allow you to tune your ideal Vo IP parameters for best call quality and bandwidth use.In addition to Vo IP calls, the Vigor2110Vn model connects to your regular analogue phone line ("POTS") too so with just a single phone on your desk, you can choose to make calls using Vo IP via the Internet or switch over to your POTS line (your normal phone line) and dial out via the PSTN (the conventional phone network).We have Thousands of Sexy Singles in your local Area: Register for free dating for life.You can even edit your free dating profile like you can on myspace adding your own personality to your free dating profile page.By setting up the LCR (Least Cost Routing) facility, you can automate this process so that the router automatically sets your preferred route for calls, according to your own rules.

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By adding an additional Vigor 2110 wireless model, you can expand the wireless range using WDS (in repeater mode).

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The Dray Tek Vigor 2110 Series routers are designed to be the ideal cable-broadband sharing and firewall device for to the So Ho (Small Office / Home) user.

For increased range/coverage, Dray Tek have a range of directional aerials (see 'accessories').

The Vigor 2110 Voice-over-IP equipped models provides a phone port allowing you to connect any regular telephone (cordless or corded) to make and receive voice calls using your Internet connection.

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