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Foreign escorts provide 24h service at Hartley Hotel across the street from the Met's Forest Gate nick in east London.

Prostitutes are selling full sex service for as little as £30 at this seedy ­hotel opposite a police station.

Prostitute prices in London is -0 for the full experience.

Like in any other city, there are street based sex workers and call girl services.

Red Light district area in Soho includes following streets: Brewer Street, Walker's Court, Tisbury Court, Green's Court, Peter Street and Rupert Street.

According to a health center in London, many former sex workers have returned to the streets in 2013 due to the tough economic climate.

Half of the illegal brothels are run by the Albanian Mafia.

It’s not like in Thailand or Mexico, where you can meet several girls, and then pick one.

These prostitutes were able to find jobs such as cleaners and other low-paid jobs.

As those types of jobs become difficult to find, the sex workers go back to the streets and charge customers (£20) per act.

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