Validating web site

The final requirement was to detect business validation errors and record them.

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I take a static file path location and then append the file name of the document coming into my company and turn that whole thing into an absolute path to the file.

To test this rule set, I’m using the built in rule tester, so I have to pass in a valid XML instance, a database connection, and a fact creator that provides the BRE with an instance of my custom . When the rule policy is finished executing, my input XML is changed to this: You can see that all the rules we built earlier got applied successfully.

So yes, you can use the BRE to do some pretty easy-to-maintain business validation.

Remember that my custom function takes in a “Typed Xml Document” type, so I pass the document itself into the function by dragging the root node of my schema from the XML Schemas Fact Explorer view into the operation parameter.

So what happens when I pass in a document that flexes all these conditions?

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