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It should be noted that he did not tag Jolie’s actual Instagram account, and instead a very popular fan account (it doesn’t look like Jolie has an official Instagram).

It’s probably just a joke that Drake came up with because he needed an excuse to post another photo of himself, but it definitely got some people talking.

Speaking to The Sun, a source revealed: 'It’s no surprise he’s fallen for Jorja, she’s absolutely gorgeous and an amazing singer.'He's been championing her a little too strongly…

He's brought her out on stage at his UK gigs and Instagramming about her a lot.'So when Jorja started confessing to friends there was a romance brewing, it didn't' come completely out the blue.'Admitting that Drake, who has been linked to Rihanna and J Lo, is not a 'relationship person', the source added: 'It's more than just a one-off fling.' Jorja Smith is the British singer who's supposedly secretly been dating Drake.

Drake did the most Drake ting imaginable on his Instagram today: he tried to get a famous woman’s attention by being his kinda sad, kinda tough self.

He posted a black and white photo (the only way to go when you’re in a ~mood~) of him sitting all alone at what appears to be a dinner table, looking wistfully into the camera.

In February Drake- who refers to a having a 'UK ting' in his new album, sent locals into a tizzy when he popped into a Walsall Co-op with Jorja to buy sweets.

Walsall Co-op employee Josh Letford- who took the famous selfie with him, served the duo in February, and told the Birmingham Mail: 'I've known Jorja since we were kids, we used to go to the same church and our families are friendly.

But even before Drake was the massive superstar we know him to be today, he was still loudly talking about his crushes to anyone who would hear.Mailonline has contacted their representatives for comment.Drake has been vocal in his support of the star, bringing her out as his opening act on the Birmingham leg of his tour, as well as giving her hometown a shout-out.And as well as impressing Drake with her soulful voice, it appears rising British singer Jorja Smith may also be winning over his heart.According to reports the Canadian superstar, 30, is said to be wooing the talented 19-year-old from Walsall- and they were even spotted buying sweets in her local Co-op in February.

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