Lds dating websites

If I didn't graduate high school early and complete 2 years before my mission, I might have left myself enough time to find a wife there after.But unfortunately, I hear of so many graduates who move into dense LDS communities, either for work or to live at home, who date many people in their ward and find no luck and then have no where to turn.

I have started drafting up a design/plan document with some specifics.

I like the idea of a user moderated site where users can report inappropriate behavior or even rate a person using a dating etiquette rubric so that the users can get feedback about themselves but can also watch out for users with bad ratings.

Violators of rules can "clear their names" by speaking with their bishops and receiving counsel.

If they decline I could ask what changes might make them change their minds.

What do you think it would take to get their approval without a working prototype?

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