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Luke and Laura’s love story has spanned three decades, produced two children, and a wedding watched by 30 million fans.

Their love endured kidnappings, mental breakdowns and what seemed like millions of misunderstandings caused by outside evil forces determined to split them up.

Cocky playboy Patrick somehow managed to get under the skin of the always-serious Robin.

After much heated banter and bickering (and building sexual tension), the two began to grow close and following a health scare, they decided to give a relationship a go, but soon hit a roadblock.

Never deterred, Jax spent the better part of their on and off affair protecting her from deranged relatives, Balkan hit men, and bad boy mobsters.

When she showed up in Port Charles twenty years later, their reunion wasn’t easy, but Sonny soon found himself fighting to keep Kate in his life.

He went to extreme measures to help bring her back around when a split personality emerged, which included kidnapping her and forcing therapy.

Always proud, Robin kept her pregnancy a secret from Patrick because she felt he wasn’t ready for fatherhood.

As with all things in Port Charles, secrets never stay hidden for long!

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