Elderly versus people with disabilities accomodating

attempts to provide realistic levels of support to help aged and non-aged people with disabilities to remain living in their own homes, and provides for cost-shared programs to do this, recognising the traditional role of both Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments.

Principle 2 of the Principles and Objectives attached to the was published, some of these problems have been addressed.

The danger with any such staffed facilities is that they become in fact 'mini-institutions', as one interviewee commented.

He further commented: The challenge of staffed group accommodation then is to promote integration by accompanying a physical move to the community with individualised programs, freedom of sexual expression etc.

It is also concerned with the links between housing supply and provision of personal and domiciliary support services.

The study covers the full range of disability groups - people with intellectual, sensory, physical or psychiatric disabilities (or any combination of these).

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