One direction dating age limits

This 2011 tweet of endearment from Tomlinson to Styles is the second most retweeted post in Twitter history: Some One Direction fans view this affection as an obvious sign of more than friendship.

In fact, here they are as seen on one incredibly famous chest: that of One Direction band member Harry Styles.The two recently began making You Tube videos to document their concert-going life and explain the basics of Larry Stylinson, and they are totally unfazed when I ask them about some of the more problematic aspects of the One Direction fandom."We don't know [Styles and Tomlinson's] sexual orientations — we just don't," Jorie explains.One Direction's members have always enjoyed an easy physical intimacy, but fans decided soon after the band hit it big in 2010 that these two were special.Indeed, the internet is teeming with Larries — as Directioners who ship Larry often refer to themselves — who've spent years chronicling every microgesture and millisecond of the way Styles and Tomlinson interact with each other: In the band's early years, Styles spoke openly about the "Larry Stylinson" label and said that he and Tomlinson had talked about moving in together later in life due to their friendship.

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