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These new alloys combine the strength of steel with the resilience of lining and, in an ideal situation, businesses would make increasing use of them as part of an effective lifecycle management program.The education of the industry’s key players in lifecycle costing is an issue that must be addressed urgently.It’s a matter of some concern that an increasing proportion of short-term project schedules don’t allow room for any problems in material qualification because everything is wanted yesterday.In truth, corrosion management translates directly into asset integrity and extension of useful life – in other words greater long-term returns.As a result, the question of how best to tackle corrosion is beset by both cost and technical issues.Businesses can achieve a great deal by implementing long-term corrosion- management strategies, but many are reluctant to spend money on projects that do not deliver an early return in investment.All too often rapid payback on investment is prioritized above preventing the corrosion of plant and equipment because it is perceived as neither “sexy” nor immediate.Senior management needs to have the financial benefits and savings explained in words they understand.

If you use carbon steel, you must nurse it by using good welds, good coatings, good cathodic protection and good material.In some cases, costings can show that higher initial investment in better materials and technology can greatly reduce operational maintenance, and hence reduce overall costs over a project’s lifetime.There are significant business benefits but sadly, many people simply aren’t aware of them.A lot of R&D work is being done to replicate these extreme conditions in the laboratory and the findings will be of great assistance, especially in relation to issues around Brazil’s pre-salt layer.The country has exploited its vast natural resources and huge labor pool to become Latin America’s leading economic power and the discovery of several extensive gas fields in the pre-salt layer has opened a new chapter of growth opportunities.

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    Everybody wants to live, but some people are still waiting for the right soundtrack, the right circus to come around, and don’t even know it yet.

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    Newer approaches such as gene and small molecule-based treatments may have more potential to halt disease progression. They advise that assessment for cystic fibrosis should be made and, when clinically appropriate, a sweat test performed (for children) or a cystic fibrosis gene test (for adults) in people with any of the following: family history; congenital intestinal atresia; meconium ileus; symptoms and signs that suggest distal intestinal obstruction syndrome; faltering growth (in infants and young children); undernutrition; recurrent and chronic pulmonary disease; chronic sinus disease; obstructive azoospermia (in young people and adults); acute or chronic pancreatitis; malabsorption; rectal prolapse (in children) and pseudo-Bartter syndrome. There are at least 2,000 mutations in the CFTR gene.

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    (Harper’s Dictionary of the Bible) Astrology had played a role in Jewish history for at least the 2,000 years of the Age of Aries.